Oriental/Specialty Rugs

  • Hand cleaning
  • Appropriate cleaning methods: Wool, cotton, silk, linen, sisal, jute, coir, and sea grass.
  • Wet or Dry cleaning available
  • Professional spot cleaning
  • Appropriate stain protector
  • Expert pet odor removal
  • Soil and debris removal
  • Expert repairs on any type of rug: Tufted, hand knotted, needle punch, hand hooked, flat woven. Repairs include: fringe replacement, binding, re-weaving, color repair and painting, and binding carpet remnants.
  • Value assessments

Custom Rug Pad Sales, Sizing, & Installation

  • We determine the best type of underlayment for your rug, cut them to fit you rug "just right" and Installation is included with every purchase at no additional charge.

Leather Cleaning and Restoration

  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Restorative cleaning for badly soiled items
  • Color correction for faded or over-cleaned areas
  • Repairs of all types (burns, cuts, scratches, holes, etc.)
  • Color restoration for items needing full color correction. These services are performed off-site in our cleaning/ restoration plant.
  • Color change. Some items have sufficient value and may warrant changing the color in lieu of replacement.

Professional Consulting

  • Area rug purchasing and placement
  • Appropriate fabric selection
  • Resilient floor covering choices
  • Cleaning assessments: Carpets, Rugs, Furniture, Leather furniture.
  • Moving and storage: Rugs, Furniture.

Carpet Repairs

  • Re-stretching
  • Replace padding
  • Replace pin-metal
  • Burns, holes
  • And all other repairs

Upholstery/Fabric Repairs

  • On-site minor repairs
  • Off-site major repairs
  • Some major repairs and reupholstering services are provided by a recommended vendor


  • Certified inspector
  • All floor covering types
  • Written reports provided
  • Expert witness for court cases

Odor Control and Removal

  • Area rug deodorization and pet odor removal.
  • Carpet deodorization
  • Indoor atmospheric deodorization: dry and wet fogging, ozone deodorization, and direct spray deodorizers.
  • Source removal

Protective Treatments

  • All area rugs
  • New furniture
  • New carpet
  • Applied after cleaning
  • Specialty rugs: wool, cotton, silk, sisal, jute, coir, sea grass, and synthetics.

Your satisfaction is absolutely, 100% guaranteed.  If your not happy, we will make the job right.  We will always try to set expectations appropriately.  Rugs get dirty and damaged as life happens to them.  We promise to always do our very best on each rug to clean & restore them as possible.

Rug cleaning and more:

  • Oriental rugs
  • Area rugs
  • High-end, expensive rugs
  • Standard rugs

Other services:

  • Rug Repairs
  • Protective Treatments
  • Odor Removal
  • Leather Restoration
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Drapery Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning